Acoustic measurements

A hands-free system is judged mainly by its acoustic quality, so it isn’t enough to simply integrate outstanding communications hardware into the vehicle. Crucial factors to the success include optimum positioning and detailed configuration of the microphone. Our acoustic measurement services characterize not only the microphone itself, but also by the quality of the signal processing and signal strength.

In addition to its range of high-quality microphones and associated design-in support, peiker adds acoustic measurement and analysis of vehicles as a supplementary service.

These services can be configured in various ways to meet our customers’ needs:

  • Acoustic advising and consultation for vehicle interiors that have not yet been designed
  • Acoustic measurements and analyses for vehicle installation spaces that have already been designed
  • Reviewing vehicles in accordance with the existing VDA guidelines for hands-free systems
  • Analysis and evaluation of voice transmission quality in series-produced vehicles to ensure maximum signal strength