Microphone Technology

Microphones and microphone technology have been integral components of the peiker portfolio right from the start. In step with advances in microphone technology, we have continued to further develop our acoustic expertise in related areas including signal quality and static noise reduction.

peiker hands-free microphones feature two clear advantages:

  • State-of-the-art microphone technology based on decades of experience and extensive acoustic expertise
  • Acoustically optimized and individually designed in harmony with the vehicle environment and design specifications set by the customer

Back electret technology (ECM)

With their extremely compact structure, tiny microphone capsules, and excellent signal quality, electret condenser microphones are ideally suited for in-car use. As a specialist in hands-free solutions, peiker relies on this technology in developing its vehicle microphones in the area of vehicle acoustics.

Flat microphones

Flat microphones are a proprietary new development at peiker. They are highly miniaturized, with the printed circuit board being built right into the microphone capsule. This space-saving design means that flat microphones are even more versatile in their placement during vehicle design-in processes.

Silicium microphones (MEMS)

These very small, but still tremendously durable microphones are especially flexible in design and offer an even higher integration density. That means that they can adapt to the vehicle easily and are particularly compact and easy to install. The high-quality silicium chips used to make these microphones also meet stringent environmental requirements.

Hands-free and combination microphones

Alongside the traditional hands-free application, microphones that also detect noise are increasingly in demand as well. These kinds of microphones can help further enhance vehicle acoustics. peiker is pleased to install both hands-free and noise-detecting microphones in vehicles as a combination solution.

Microphone for "Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)" Applications

Active Sound Design is becoming increasingly important in the automobile industry. Through its development of a microphone for "Active Noise Cancellation" applications, peiker is creating the necessary conditions for using this technology in vehicles.  This microphone is tailored exactly to the special technical requirements of ANC technology, which is based on the innovative MEMS microphone technology.