Conflict minerals

As an international company and a leading provider of mobile communications technologies, peiker is aware of the issue that products and components purchased from suppliers may contain minerals from regions affected by conflict. Mining and production of these conflict minerals take place illegally, outside of government control, and can support violations of human rights and international law.

In 2010, the U.S. Securities  and Exchange Commission published the Dodd–Frank Act, Section 1502, which requires U.S. businesses to issue a conflict mineral report clarifying the exact origin of the minerals used. This is aimed in particular at preventing violations of human rights and international law. It is also supposed to ensure that these minerals do not finance any armed groups, either directly or indirectly.

peiker is aware of its responsibility toward society. To help ensure that human rights and international law are upheld, our company has developed processes that we use to make procurement of products and components more transparent, so that we are already able to meet this requirement of the Dodd–Frank Act today.