Our History

  • Heinrich Peiker and his father-in-law, Paul Beerwald, establish the factory “Beerwald & Co.” for the manufacture and sale of piezoelectric and acoustic devices and equipment; company headquarters are located in Bad Homburg, Germany
  • Production of a crystal microphone as a milestone in the product range
1950 - 1959
  • Development of cardiac microphones for use in medical instrumentation
  • Heinrich Peiker becomes the sole owner of the company
  • Production range consists primarily of various types of crystal microphones
  • Development of Type TM24 dynamic microphones for home studio technology
  • American balloonist Major David G. Simons is the first person to rise to the edge of space, at over 30,000 m (18.6 mi) in altitude; he does so with a special microphone from peiker in his helmet
1960 – 1969
  • peiker hand microphone TM70 is used with audiotape devices made under the UHER-Report brand. It is the first microphone used on a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas
  • peiker is the sole supplier of the hand microphone TM67/TTF for the German federal air traffic control authorities, military, Eurocontrol, and civilian use
  • peiker relocates to new headquarters, gaining its own production space for the first time, in the Ober-Eschbach urban district of Bad Homburg
  • The TM40 studio microphone is rated “very good”, the highest possible score, by German consumer goods testing body Stiftung Warentest
  • Development of the built-in microphone Intercept DN125 for official applications
  • Development of the TM110/TF hand microphones for mobile radio use
  • Company is restructured as a limited partnership under the name Peiker acustic, Fabrik elektroakustischer Geräte Heinrich Peiker
  • Heinrich Peiker is awarded the newly endowed German federal award “Gute Form” by then-Federal Minister of Economics Professor Karl Schiller, in Berlin, for the TM102 microphone from peiker
1970 - 1979
  • Market launch of combined audio and speech sets for government security radio, firefighters, and other emergency responders
  • Introduction of the KL1 small loudspeaker for mobile radio; it continues to set standards in this field today
  • Development of the pressure chamber loudspeaker Type DHL1, with dual folding horn
  • Founding of peiker Consulting GmbH, focusing on worldwide acquisition, licensing, and administration of patents, copyrights, and related rights
  • The Minister of Economics of the German state of Hesse, Heinz-Herbert Karry, awards Heinrich Peiker the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in acknowledgement of his entrepreneurial and social accomplishments
1980 - 1989
  • Andreas Peiker appointed Managing Director
  • Development of the ME350 conference microphone with light ring display
  • Andreas Peiker takes over the partnership shares in the company following the death of his father, Heinrich
  • Presentation of the first operating handset HA1/A10 for mobile radio
  • H13 operating handset for mobile phones is No. 1 seller in Europe
  • Development of the first peiker passenger car hands-free kit, for Siemens
  • Conceptualization of the first digital phone answering machine, for Alcatel
  • Development of the ME7 hands-free microphone, with low-noise technology, for in-car mobile radio
1990 - 1999
  • Founding of pei tel Communications GmbH in Berlin (Teltow district), focusing on sales and distribution in the newly reunified states of Germany
  • Relocation to the new corporate headquarters in Friedrichsdorf, in the Taunus region; name changed to peiker acustic GmbH & Co. KG
  • First foreign subsidiary, peiker France S.a.r.l. (now peiker France SAS), founded
  • Expansion of activities in North America through founding of peiker acustic, Inc. in Auburn, California, USA
  • Advance into the innovative business segment of traffic telematics with the peiker product “Pole Star”
  • Testing victories in the trade publications Newcom and autoConnect with the new peiker cell phone hands-free kit
  • Relocation of peiker acustic, Inc., from Auburn, California to Dallas, Texas
2000 - present
  • Development of vehicle integration for a new off-board navigation system, together with Compaq and Tegaron
  • Market launch by peiker of one of the world’s first Bluetooth™ hands-free kits for vehicles
  • Presentation of the CupPhone™ at the CeBIT
  • Presentation of the VW Golf “e-generation” with the first in-car Internet access, in which peiker implemented the vehicle integration of the HP PDA
  • Introduction of the universal hands-free kit with interchangeable cradle (CKII), initially for Nokia, Siemens, and Motorola
  • Improvement of the Bluetooth™ hands-free kit with speaker-independent speech recognition
  • Together with DaimlerChrysler, peiker receives U.S. “Telematics Update Award 2003” for the Bluetooth™ hands-free kit as the best telematics solution and best consumer vehicle application
  • Introduction of the CKIII with built-in GSM module and Bluetooth® rSAP
  • Development of a built-in telephone with CAN connection for commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN
  • Establishment of additional production site, in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
  • Opening of a center of competency for speech input systems and vehicle bus connections, in Böblingen, Germany
  • First-ever complete integration of the Apple™ iPod® into a vehicle, using the iPod® Interface Kit developed by peiker for Mercedes Benz Accessories GmbH
  • With a product portfolio including hi-fi car kits and modular hands-free kits, peiker acquires important mobile radio manufacturers as clients
  • peiker launches its new handset with Bluetooth® technology (rSAP); specifically designed as a series solution for Audi AG, the feature-packed new handset can compete with a cell phone
  • Dedication ceremony for the new logistics center on the grounds of the headquarters in Friedrichsdorf in June 2006
  • Development of BLUETOUCHmusic® multimedia car kit in cooperation with ALAC GmbH as a two-in-one aftermarket solution: Bluetooth® hands-free kit and music station with intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Market launch of the Universal Media Interface (UMI), an in-car combination of navigation and multimedia, for MBA as the customer as well as the cell phone cradle Car Kit IV for the iPhone® 3G
  • Development of the NAD (Net Access Device) module as the basis for future eCall applications
  • First prototype of peiker radio technology with automatic shift between time segment and RDS synchronous reception
  • USB enabled desktop microphones released for the PMR market for use in the emerging market of VoIP and RoIP digital consoles
  • The PTCarphone3 fixed mobile phone is released for use in government and commercial vehicle fleet applications
  • Development of Wireless Charging for mobile phones based on Qualcomm’s near field resonance WiPower technology.
  • Development of the 4G/LTE module
  • Production start of connectivity solution for first german premium OEM
  • Winner of BMW Supplier Award, Connected Drive Category
  • Production start for a further german premium OEM
  • Introduction of the all All-Wireless
  • Introduction of Car Sharing Modules for german OEM
  • Launch of the consumer electronics communication system CEECOACH
  • CEECOACH: Winner of Red Dot Design Award, Communication Category
  • Start of series production of ATM 1, first roof mounted telematics solution from peiker











Gründung der Fabrik „Beerwald & Co.“ für die Herstellung und den Verkauf von piezoelektrischen und akustischen Geräten durch Heinrich Peiker und seinen Schwiegervater Paul Beerwald mit Firmensitz ist Bad Homburg
Aufstieg des amerikanischen Ballonfahrers Major David G. Simons als erster Mensch auf über 30.000 m Höhe zur Grenze des Weltraums mit einem peiker Spezialmikrofon in seinem Helm.
Neuer Firmensitz von peiker mit erstmals eigenen Fabrikationsräumen im Bad Homburger Stadtteil Ober-Eschbach
Stiftung Warentest Urteil „sehr gut“ für das Studiomikrofon TM40
Verleihung des erstmals gestifteten Bundespreis „Gute Form“ durch den damaligen Bundeswirtschaftsminister Professor Karl Schiller an Heinrich Peiker in Berlin für das peiker Mikrofon TM102
Berufung von Andreas Peiker zum Geschäftsführer
Testsieg in den Fachzeitschriften „newcom“ und „autoconnect“ mit der neuen Freisprecheinrichtung peiker Handyphone
Markteinführung einer der weltweit ersten Bluetooth™-Freisprecheinrichtungen für Fahrzeuge durch peiker
Präsentation des VW Golf „e-generation“ mit erstem Internetzugang im Auto, bei dem die Fahrzeugintegration das HP-PDAs peiker realisiert wurde
•	Vorstellung der universellen Freisprecheinrichtung mit Wechselcradle (CKII), vorerst für Nokia, Siemens und Motorola
Entwicklung eines Festeinbautelefons mit CAN-Anbindung für den Nutzfahrzeughersteller MAN
Einweihung das neue Logistikzentrums auf dem Gelände des Stammsitzes in Friedrichsdorf im Juni 2006
Entwicklung des NAD-Moduls (Net Access Device) als Basis für zukünftige eCall-Anwendungen