• The human touch. Dynamic and dependable.

We are unmistakable

We practice a vivid, personal style of teamwork and cooperation – across every level of our hierarchy.

Visitors to our company experience a sense of belonging to our big “company family”. Our goaloriented thinking is reflected in our solutions – which often set new trends in the market fields where we operate.

At peiker, innovation and tradition are not a contradiction in terms. They go hand in hand, solidifying the foundation for our growth. The strong involvement and passion shown by our CEO and the entire international staff of the peiker group of companies is indicative of the guarantee that lies within this statement.

What makes us unmistakable:

  • We offer a single-source solution – from design to development and production
  • Fast, streamlined decision-making processes
  • Involved and engaged CEO
  • Family philosophy and internal cohesion
  • Well considered strategic alignment
  • Customer orientation and fl exibility
  • Production spectrum from volume products to small series
  • Creativity and minimum time to prototype
  • Process-oriented approach to work
  • Decades of market research
  • Ecological, economic, and social sustainability