• Closer to people

Our human values

In today’s high-tech world, it is often easy to forget what the word progress actually means. To us, progress means creating lasting value to benefit the next generation as well. Our benchmark: people as individuals, their well-being and safety.

This view permeates everything we do as a company. It is the reason we also set such high expectations for our employees’ values. peiker employees speak out, loud and clear, against any kind of discrimination or abuse of power. Respectful interpersonal interactions are essential to foster team spirit as well as a sense of community. Being a member of the peiker team also means having the courage to change, along with the desire to make an active contribution. This kind of mindset shapes our corporate image – putting it, as we say, closer to people.

We build on these human values:

  • Interest in people and respectful interpersonal interactions
  • Highly developed corporate social responsibility
  • Commitment to our local area
  • Restrained autonomy
  • Pioneering spirit: we are creative doers, not administrators
  • Openness to other people and unconventional thinking
  • Dependability and fairness
  • Willingness to learn and embrace change
  • Ability to bring others on board and a fighting spirit
  • Highly developed sense of cohesion and team spirit
  • Loyalty and discretion