• Joining forces to lead the way


At peiker, we are convinced that management has the power to shape developments, bring others on board, and instill meaning in our endeavors. All executives at our company are committed to the peiker principles of leadership and act as role models, demonstrating professional management. They are expected to demonstrate interdisciplinary thinking and measured by their management performance.

We also know, however, that there are many instances in our day-to-day activities that differ to some extent from our basic leadership principles. With this in mind, we are committed to an open approach of shared learning processes within our management structures and solicit open feedback at every level of the company hierarchy.

Our leadership culture is based on the key principles outlined on the following pages:

Management values
Management style
Management structure
Handling problems and conflicts
Assumption of responsibility
A culture of feedback
Career planning
Communication and information
Continuous improvement process
How we handle errors