• Understand and inspire

Our market strategy

The market strength of peiker consists in initiating groundbreaking developments, thereby importing a new perspective of how people think. We keep in step with current developments and are dedicated to help our customers experience the very latest technologies. That dedication embodies innovative ideas and a constant willingness to reinvent ourselves.

These factors are necessary to continually excite our customers about what we have to offer. The peiker success story is a story of true customer commitment, distinct pioneering spirit, and the utmost in flexibility. Only those who understand can also inspire.

Our defining characteristics:

  • A leading provider in the automotive market
  • Pinpointing and penetrating new markets and niches
  • Technology transfer to open up new fields of business
  • Rapid identifi cation and accommodation of trends
  • Market-driven processes and development cycles
  • High flexibility and customer orientation
  • Balanced product mix, with volume and niche products
  • Worldwide growth