Bluetooth® and WLAN Technology

Bluetooth® technology and Bluetooth® modules

Not all Bluetooth® devices are created equal. While this technology offers a uniform standard, that standard is in itself highly complex. There are a great many different Bluetooth® profiles to coordinate communications between a whole host of different end devices and systems. But one of the biggest recurring challenges is to ensure that unrelated devices can work together. That means there is always some tension surrounding the rapid further development of mobile end devices, Bluetooth® modules, Bluetooth® technology itself, and specific communication systems used in vehicles.

peiker has been involved with the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG) since 2000 and was one of the group’s first associate members. This membership lets us play an active part in the development and adoption of new standards. That means peiker is right at the forefront in the area of Bluetooth® technology in general, or Bluetooth® modules more specifically, to keep informed of new developments and current trends ahead of others and to contribute our expertise to groundbreaking technological decisions.

Bluetooth compatibility tests

WLAN technology

These days, the Internet is with us wherever we go including when we get into our cars. With this in mind, peiker has taken on the task of developing and optimally integrating a WLAN access point suitable for vehicle use. This WLAN interface makes it possible to use WLAN-capable devices such as laptops, smart phones, and the iPad® in your vehicle easily and conveniently. This feature, alongside fully developed GSM/UMTS/LTE technology, is just one of the ways that peiker is bringing the future into vehicles thanks in large measure to a peiker-developed UMTS module.

peiker even received the BMW Supplier Innovation Award in the Connected Drive category for its innovative LTE Car Hot Spot which makes it possible to use LTE, the fourth generation of mobile Internet technology, in vehicles.

The LTE-capable Car Hotspot developed for BMW enables even faster data communication for all IP-based applications in motor vehicles. That means that in-car Internet can be used with no restrictions, even at high speeds. One major advantage of this solution is its uncomplicated integration into the vehicle: The Car Hotspot can be added as an aftermarket solution just like any cell phone adapter. All the driver needs to establish a W-LAN connection between the end device and the hotspot is an LTE-capable SIM card. Plus, using multiple end devices simultaneously is also no problem.