iPod® integration and MP3 player connections in vehicles

peiker was the first provider to fully integrate the Apple™ iPod® into vehicles. Now, thanks to peiker, other standard commercially available MP3 players can also be used in cars. All you have to do is connect the player to the device-specific interface, and you can control it using the display and the buttons on the head unit. Plus, at peiker, highly convenient handling, state-of-the-art technology, and outstanding acoustics are always standard features.

Advantages for car infotainment at a glance:

  • Linking MP3 players to the vehicle or iPod® integration via a plug-and-play interface
  • Tracks are played via the vehicle’s sound system
  • The instrument cluster can show all of the menu functions offered by the MP3 player or iPod® (including artist, album, and playlist)
  • Easy control of all iPod® functions and volume via the buttons on a multifunction steering wheel
  • Easy control of car infotainment and entertainment helps minimize driver distractions while on the road