Thanks to the triumphal march of smartphones, people nowadays are accustomed to keeping in touch permanently with friends, business partners and family. At the same time, they want to be able to access their personal documents and data everywhere and at all times  – no matter whether at home, in the office or even in vehicles. For more than two decades, peiker has set itself the goal of integrating mobile terminals conveniently into vehicles and controlling them via its infrastructure.

With its powerful connectivity modules peiker has realised a trend-setting idea for optimizing  information and security management in vehicles, since our modules provide the technical conditions for the optimal networking of the vehicle with the outside world: They support eCall as well as comfort & information oriented additional services. The vehicle transforms itself practically into a rolling communication platform by means of the peiker modules. Hence, not only is safety increased significantly for the driver, but passengers are offered considerably more comfort as well. 

peiker’s telematics platforms offer basic solutions (GSM) as well as solutions for advanced telematics applications (UMTS/LTE) which can be individually tailored to customer needs.