Fields of Application

peiker connectivity modules are paving the way for the reliable use of a wide range of services from different categories in vehicles, e. g.


  • Support of OEM-specific assist services
  • Mobile Office
  • Real Time Traffic
  • Telemetry/Diagnosis 


  • Mediastreaming
  • Social Web Services
  • Browser Services

Emergency Call (eCall) 

As from 2015, the statutory emergency call system eCall is to be mandatory in all newly registered vehicle models Europe-wide. The gradual implementation of such a system has been planned for the same year in Russia, too. The aim is to quickly find and recover vehicles and to treat the injured after a road accident by the manual or automatic transmission of an emergency call.

peiker is one of the few automobile suppliers that can offer a transnational eCall solution for Europe as well as Russia, which has already been tested and is virtually ready for immediate use: 

  • Exact vehicle tracking in case of an accident
  • GPS or GLONASS position determination (optional)
  • Galileo in preparation
  • Voice communication with emergency call center (automatic & manual) 


It is tremendously important for our company to contribute to the development of mobility and/or vehicle concepts that combine performance, comfort and safety with climate compatibility. For this reason, our connectivity modules are also tailored to emission-free driving with electric vehicles. Thus, with the peiker modules, among other things, special electrical vehicle functions such as remote maintenance can be implemented.


Based on its connectivity modules, peiker together with a well-known German automobile manufacturer, is developing a car-sharing module that ensures optimal networking of the car-sharing process and thus contributes to the implementation of environmentally friendly mobility concepts.